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h3.Iteration (5-15 minutes)
* Find a different workstation and pair up with a different partner
* On the sound of the bell swap driver of the keyboard
* On the sound of the horn, make all your tests pass - go GREEN
* When you are at green write down the number of tests currently passing and the time it took to go green since the horn sounded on your station timesheet
* Hand in your timesheet to Game Master
* Put your GREEN Cover over your workstation
* Wait for further instructions

h3.Retrospective (<5 minutes)
* Dialogue (brainstorming, gather data, <2 minutes)
* Discussion (argue, generate insights, <2 minutes)
* Decision (decide what to do, reach concensus, <1 minute)

h3.Rules of the game
* You must never work alone! Always communicate with your programming partners.
* You must follow a proper test-driven development cycle:
1. Add a failing unittest
2. Write code until the unittest succeeds
3. Refactor code
4. Goto step 1
* You must never transfer code digitally between the work stations
* You are not allowed to "cheat" - the aim of the game is to learn and have fun