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* Eamonn J. Casey
* Magnus Green
* Robert Smallshire
* Simon Brown
* Thor Henning Hetland (Totto)

Start about 19:00 and end at 20:00

*The opening question:*
* _The conflict between agile and architecture – is it a myth or reality? (5 min each included your own introductions)_

# IASA Norway Manifest
## Architecture as a foundation for value and profit OVER architecture as a result of projects and software development.
## Responsibility and traceability in architecture decisions OVER architecture visions, architecture diagrams and great ideas.
## Architecture as pro-active balance between project(s) and organization OVER architecture to regulate and standardize.
## Architecture as an enabler of business strategy OVER architecture driven from product and technology.
## Architects as promoters of knowledge and learning culture OVER technology focused gurus and decision makers.
# _"Must make sense/provide value to *the team* within 3 sprints"_ -rule
# "Starting out on the right foot" - rule (especially when creating solutions different from previous experience (mainly non-functional requirement game"

It's nice if you manage to discuss these issues:

* _What kind of signal is telling you that it to much architecture_

# The developers loose the functional focus/mindset
# Meeting explosion
# Impediment explosion
# *Non-functional sprints*

* _What kind of signal is telling you that it is insufficient architecture_

# The backlog includes lots of optimizations for non-functional requirements
# The tough/high risk task are delayed to future sprints
# The code consist of many way to do the same thing, where none is a good solutions (workarounds)
# *Non-functional sprints*

* _What do you see as the minimum requirement of artifacts you need to make the correct solution_

# None, zero, zip..

* _What do you hope will happen with Architecture in software project in the future._

# Informed discussions and decisions of the options