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h1. ACS - Awesome Competence System

Your one stop shop for employee skill, competency and experience search.
Use ACS to build the best-selling CV for convincing your new customer you'r the *right person for the _The Job_*.

*Key features include:*
* Multiple profile-CV for each person
* Built-in data-quality measurements and update-process features including NAGing
* Very strong and interactive query functionality to ensure that you find the best possible candidates
* Branded CV-production, including CV batches
* Ready to integrate out-of-the-box
* Skill level ranking and administration, including experience references
* Skill experience calculations (For how long has a person worked with a specific technology etc.)
* Skill matrices for use in sales and internal skill-administration and management
* Skill-level ranking in query functionality to sort and filter the persons with the best skill

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