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#REQUIRES -version 2.0
Download the latest build of this component from Maven and start the service
File Name : start-service.ps1
Author : Jan Helge Maurtvedt
Prerequisite : PowerShell V2 over Vista and upper.
Example 2
#Set mode variable for DEV, TEST or PROD mode
$mode = 'DEV'
#Set environment

# pkill -f $A

#Download the latestjar file from mvnrepo
$url = ''+$A+'&v='+$V+'&p=jar'
echo $url

$user = 'altran'
$pwd = 'l1nkSys'
$creds = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential `
-ArgumentList $user, $pwd
$webclient.Credentials = new-object System.Net.NetworkCredential($user, $creds.GetNetworkCredential().Password)

java -jar -DIAM_CONFIG=useradministration.$ $JARFILE

#tail -f nohup.out