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Whydah is a Single Sign On enabler consisting of four main components with clearly defined responsibilities.

The fast and flexible IAM and SSO way for the Mobile, Cloud and WEB 2.0 world...


Key benefits
* Leverage IAM/SSO to reduse time&cost on custom solutions
* SSO and IAM the _agile way_
* Transition from one userdatabase per system to the integrated identidy 8of the cloud)
* _Least expensive way to better user experiences_

Some important [Features]:
* Provide [RBAC|IAM:RBAC] for any application that you connect to it.
* User Authentication by 3rd party IdP's (LDAP, Facebook, NetIQ, AD)
* User storage
* User admmin GUI
* Flexible role setup with users, roles, properties.
* Highly scalable
* High Availability ready.

We will gather documentation about whydah in this space and restore [the IAM space|IAM:home] as a knowledge management space about IAM.

h3. Whydah modules
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h3. Architectural overview

!Whydah infrastructure.png|width=1100!

If you want to learn more about Whydah, see documentation in this space or visit []