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UserIdentityBackend will, upon startup if *import.enabled=true*, import data from four different data files specifying
* Applications
* Users
* Organizations
* Roles

The files should be in CSV-format and located in for example a testdata catalogue in the same folder as UserIdentityBackend.jar

*NB:* You might want to hange applicationSecrets in production environment, in fact there is also a set of [ProdInitData]...

h3. applications.csv
#applicationId, applicationName, defaultRole, defaultOrgName, applicationSecret
11, SecurityTokenService, SSOApplication, Whydah, 6r46g3q986Ep6By7B9J46m96D
12, UserAdminService, WhydahUserAdmin, Whydah, 9ju592A4t8dzz8mz7a5QQJ7Px
15, SSOLoginWebApplication, SSOApplication, Whydah, 33779936R6Jr47D4Hj5R6p9qT
19, UserAdminWebApplication, WhydahUserAdmin, Whydah, 9EH5u5wJFKsUvJFmhypwK7j6D
99, WhydahTestWebApplication, SSOApplication, Whydah, 33879936R6Jr47D4Hj5R6p9qT

h3. Users
#userId, username, password, firstName, lastName, email, cellPhone, personRef, annad, secretPw, Anna, Dapter,, +123434535, 213213, alfa, secretPw, Alf, Abett,, +4799999999, 212311, cgood, secretPw, C, Good,, , 0
useradmin, admin, admin, User, Admin,, +1555406789, 0

h3. organizations.csv
#applicationId, organizationName
10, Whydah
10, Altran
12, Whydah
12, Altran
13, Whydah
13, Altran

h3. rolemappings.csv
#userId, applicationId, applicationName, organizationName, roleName, roleValue, 11, SecurityTokenService, Whydah, WhydahUserAdmin, 99, 12, UserAdminService, Altran, developer, 30, 15, SSOLoginWebApplication, Whydah, developer, 20
useradmin, 19, UserAdminWebApplication, Whydah, WhydahUserAdmin, 99