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*more /etc/httpd/conf.d/whydah.conf*
Listen *:9999

<VirtualHost *:9999>


ProxyPass /test http://test_instance/test
ProxyPassReverse /test http://test_instance/test

ProxyPass /sso http://sso_instance/sso
ProxyPassReverse /sso http://sso_instance/sso

ProxyPass /tokenservice http://sts_instance/tokenservice
ProxyPassReverse /tokenservice http://sts_instance/tokenservice

ProxyPass /uas http://uas_instance/uas
ProxyPassReverse /uas http://uas_instance/uas

ProxyPass /useradmin http://uawa_instance/useradmin
ProxyPassReverse /useradmin http://uawa_instance/useradmin


* We use port 80 for https-redirect, terminate https/ssl in ELB and forward 443 SSL terminated to port 9999 on our _cluster_
* We deploy this configuration on all cluster members (possibly without the test WebApp)
* We only deploy one instance of useradmin, to emulate it in a more secure deployment
* The UIB DNS/IP is provisioned in the services property files
* If interested, we have ansible-provisioning scripts to quickly set-up a similar configuration