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h3. Background

* Common library used by all clients that want to report to StatisticsService.

Simplify the implementation in each module.
* Try to reuse existing libraries eg
** [ValueReporter-Agent|] - run without --java_agent directive. May be run with also.
** [Metrics|]

h3. Usage responsibility

* Collect data specified in [whydah:StatisticsService]
* Non-blocking behavior
* Low latency
* Low on network activity.
** Avoid "fan-out" effect. A single request must have not more than one additional network function used for statistics.

h3. Performance and HealthCheck responsibility.

Recomend to reuse Dropwizard Metrics for health check and performance reporting.
See [Metrics Spring|] for @Timed, @Gauge etc.
We then need to create our own Reporter, based on [Metrics-Graphite|]