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h3. Key focus/features

* Whydah application to application sessions (to be enhanced in Whydah 2.4 * with adaptive end-to-end payload encryption)
* Resilience (fallacies of distributed computing)
*UAWA Applications
* ApplicationModel enhancements
* UAWA Import/Export of Users and Applications
* UAWA TAG filters
* UAWA CRM and activity view
* OAUTH2 provider - early release
* DEFCON readiness
* Threat signaling readyness (to be enhanced in Whydah 2.4 with countermeasures)
* Enhanced accessibility of "inner workings" of the platform to simplify monitoring and mainternance

h3. Whydah 2.3 - Release log

||Version ||Main changes ||Comment(s)||
|2.3.94 | Fixed bug in anynomous usertoken creation and removed false positive validation errors in logs | |
|2.3.92 | Fixed bug if setting applicationsesstionexpires to high in property | |
|2.3.90 | Minor adjustments tp LastName and DefaultRolenames definitions | |
|2.3.84 | Internal bottom-up quality work | |
|2.3.75 | Tweaking the domain-driven security whitelisting | |
|2.3.68 | Replaced all inner-workings of Whydah with domain-driven security implementation, enforcing strict white-listing on all data matched against the domain concept | might be som corner-cases we've not discovered yet |
|2.3.44 | Squashed a few bugs in cache invalidation in UAS and applied more domain-driven security to key parts | should be worth a go |
|2.3.38 | Enhanced the time-fields in typelib to smart-fields to remove pain/failure points | released to simplify in-the-wild test/verifications |
|2.3.37 | Initial work on domain-driven security for Whydah key objects in typelib | released to simplify in-the-wild test/verifications |
|2.3.31 | Post-pentest patch-release | |
|2.3.27 | Synchronized maintenance release | - tweaking logs and health for easier maintenance |
|2.3.23 | Synchronized maintenance release | - to be penetration tested by third party |
|2.3.22 | Synchronized maintenance release with lots of minor fixes | |
|2.3.20 |completed the embedded crypto handling on receiving payload in all hystrix commands | |
|2.3.19 |resilience in unstable network situations for application session handling by fail fast on application auth between sts and uas... (same should be implemented between uas and uib) | |
|2.3.18 |now with initial crypto key per application session exchange and configuration of super-secure applications| |
| |STS - using the testpage=enabled flag to choose verbose info in health (so it won't show in production setups) testpage=enabled for verbose info in /health| |
| |SDK and STS - early work on payload encryption and cryptokey rotation| |
|2.3.11 |SDK work on smarter and non-blocking session resilience| |
|2.3.5 |STS - properties for default user and application sessions| Extra properties application.session.timeout=120, user.session.timeout=240|
|2.3.4 |STS - forced removal and cleanup of expired sessions |Partially released|
|2.3.3 |UAS/STS - enhancments on false threatSignal positives and obfuscating the session id's |Partially released|
|2.3.2 |UIB - enhanced application search index and UAS wiring |Partially released|
|2.3 |Promoted to final 2.3 release | |
|2.3.0-rc-7 |Updated more 3rd party dependencies for all modules. More initializing corner cases (NPEs) provoked and handled | |
|2.3.0-rc-7 |Upgraded 3rd party dependencies | |
|2.3.0-rc-5 |Work on ensuring that the DEFCON is distributed on all cornercases of UserToken distribution | |
|2.3.0-rc-4 |more work on corner cases and optimizing the internal whydah session handling (SD and SDK integration) myuri added to UserAdminService properties| |
|2.3.0-rc-3 |minor fortifying in SDK mainly | |
|2.3.0-rc-2 |Weeded out a was startup snafu in SDK causing slower discovery/was connect | |
|2.3.0-rc-1 |Promoted to rc-1 | |
|2.3.0-beta-5 |Refactoring and cleanup in SDK systemtests | |
|2.3.0-beta-4 |Some enhancements in status/handling of MFA/PIN processes in STS. Added supported userSessionSecurityLevel to Application Model (TypeLib)| |
|2.3.0-beta-1 |Promoted to beta-1 release | |
|2.3.0-alpha-24 |Minor cleanup and module synchronization with SDK implementation, and smarter backoff/handling of was in modules preventing catch-22 in bootstrapping corner cases | |
|2.3.0-alpha-19 |Tweaking the UAS securityfilter with was sessions + security model. Fixed /applications/find/applicationID in UIB | |
|2.3.0-alpha-17 |Bugs in UAS "/applications/find" fixed,
"/applications" cache in UAS added
refactoring and cleanup in the SDK vs Admin SDK | |
|2.3.0-alpha-11 |Synchronized early preparation to a whydah 2.3 release | |
|2.3.0-alpha-9 |Enhanced /health endpoints in modules | |
|2.3.0-alpha-8 |Wired securityfilter failures for UIB to threat signals| |
|2.3.0-alpha-7 |Minor work on threat signals in SDK and STS | |
|2.3.0-alpha-6 |Synchronized early preparation to a whydah 2.3 release | |
|2.2.27 |OAuth2 API provider module (simplified API) ||
|2.2.26 |STS - ThreatSignal view expose the threatsignal log to build understanding of threshhold levels and mappings to DEFCON change actions| |
|2.2.25 |Enhanced GUI for application administration in UAWA. | |
|2.2.26 |UAWA - new ApplicationDetail admin view | |
|2.2.25 |UIB - added async bolk queueing of UserIdentity to lucene index... 3x in throughput for import of users | |
|2.2.24 |UIB - LDAP search timeout (1s) could prevent adding new users to large userdatabases (<50k users) fixed| |
|2.2.23 |Some sync of STS and UAWA | |
|2.2.22 |Typelib completely retrofitted into UIB |New UIB property: ldap.primary.alwayslookupinexternaldirectory=false // set to true if other application is updating the AD/LDAP server|
|2.2.18 |Performance work on large userdatasets in UAWA, UAS and UIB | |
|2.2.14 |UAWA, UAS and UIB enhancement for paginated user-aggregate searches and user import/export enhancements| |
|2.2.11 |UAWA remote user search reintroduced to support huge user >1 mill installations |Synced full release.|
|2.2.10 |UAWA bugfixes |Partially released.|
|2.2.9 |TAG-filtering in UAWA GUI. |Partially released.|
|2.2.7 |UAWA User CRM data view (for instances with CRMService). Fixes some special cornercases in user searches.| Must add crmservice property in UAWA to enable displaying crm-data. Partially released.|
|2.2.6 |UAWA User Activity Log (for instances with StatisticsService) |Partially released.|
|2.2.5 |Better application tag support in UAWA++, UAWA Application Activity Log (for instances with StatisticsService) Must add statisticsservice property in UAWA to enable application activity log feature.| |
|2.2.3 |UAWA - Export and Import Users, corner-case of uawa useraggregate.json mapping found and fixed, mysql support in statisticsservice | |
|2.2.2 |Some minor tweaking on ACL for UAWA and 3rd party applications. Signalling STS on userchange/delete to updated active UserTokens | |
|2.2.1 |Updating content of active UserTokens if changed through UAS | |

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