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When an application runs on a network where you have limited administration privileges, installation upgrades and configuration management may be difficult.

A pull-based strategy using a small wrapper application can be used to allow remote installation, upgrade and configuration management for your application. Pull-based avoids most firewall issues because the only requirement is _outgoing_ HTTPS.

Often used in combination with the [Agent pattern].

h3. Implementation alternatives

# [JAU|Java Auto-Update] & [ConfigService]
# [AWS GreenGrass|] ?
# [Puppet agent|] ?

h3. Compare alternatives?

Looks like [Puppet agent|] now supports at least some of the same features.
Puppet Agent 1.2.0 was released June 24, 2015. Unknown when 1.0 was released.
TODO: Figure out when Puppet Agent with Windows support was released in a stable version.

Puppet agent 1.0 was released 2015-04-14.

JAU and ConfigService was built July 2015.

TODO: It might make sense to compare puppet agent to JAU/ConfigService.

Puppet Agent will install ruby+gem.
Looks like old Windows versions are not supported.