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Data is really your revenue... Do you treat is as such?

h3. Data strategies - Data mastering in 2008]

Today, we are experiencing a huge battle for the ownership of your enterprise data between huge IT platforms

* Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence platforms
* Enterprise Search platforms
* Service Oriented Architecture/SOA platforms

On top of this, the "new kid on the block" arrives as the much over-hyped MDS platforms..

h3. Definitions

h4. Master data should not contain:
* Parent-child relationships
* Degenerate dimensional information
* Junk
* Data that is unrelated or weakly related to the business key.
* multi-part business keys that represent relationships in the *business* world.

h4. Master data structures should contain:

* The business key, the whole business key and nothing but the business key.
* In addition to the business key, all descriptive data about the business key (to provide the business key current context)
* 1 to 1 relationship with a surrogate generated number to the business key.
* Load date, create date, last updated date, original record source, updated record source