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h3. Intro

{excerpt}The *Emerging Technologies - the future of enterprise POJOS* is the first in a series of open seminars/workshops. The idea is to facilitate discussions between _thought leaders_ and _peers_ on important aspects of the software development. We believe that the results will increase the knowledge, skills and value produced by software professionals.

The workshop participants and the on-line community will collaborate on the process and agenda, and all results will be posted _live_ to this wiki and thus stay free and open to everyone.
Initial announcement: [About:/2008/07/02/Emerging technology - the future of the enterprise pojos]

{tip:title=Workshop goals}
# Establish a exciting and fun discussion for important emerging enterprise technologies
# Document ideas, different views and key findings to the open community
# Provide a _indpendent thought leader baseline_ for further work in the enterprise Pojo arena
# Document starting points and directions for projects and architecture to everyone interested




h3. Organizing details

* Date: 20.9-22.9 2008
* Departure Oslo: Saturday, September 20th, 2008 @ 11:00
** [Terminalen i Oslo |]
* Arrival Oslo: Monday, September 22th, 2008 @ 09:45
* Place: Kielferga - Color Festival/Magic
* Size: Max 16 participants total
* Travel guide: [~sherriff]
* [Preparations]
* [Participants]
* [Hot topics and tough challenges for the Geek Cruise workshop]



h3. Facillitators

* [~rickardoberg]
* [~kaare.nilsen]
* [~totto]

We would like to thank *OW Open Community* for handling the practical aspects of the event :)

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h3. Agenda

{include:GeekCruise Agenda}