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h3. Motivation

Taxonomy strategies hold great promises, and we nowadays understand that we need some kind of meta-data strategy to automatically and dynamically (loose coupling) connect bits of information. Today┬┤s taxonomy strategies have struggled hard to provide positive return of investment (ROI). Projects experience frequently that their taxonomy changes and they have to keep re-investing in their taxonomy and categorization.

We believe that since the internet search engines started to rule the world, we need to rethink they way we look at information and categorization. With the new and up-coming auto-categorization services, we see a potential of shifting the effort from people to machines in taxonomy and categorization in the same way that the serach engines shifted the information gathering from catalogs to search.

h3. CASE/Implementation strategy

*"Pimp my CustomerService"*-style service extension, where we use free auto-taxonomy services and object-graphs to generate web 2.0 social-network graphs/presentations of customer clusters to enable pin-point direct mailings to specific interest-areas of the customer clusters.

*Value proposition*
* Low initial investment (less than a months effort)
* Auto-learning/auto-updating taxonomy (we get the new features from the auto taxonomy services for free)
* No extra maintenance and product cost


{note:title=Work in progress}
You get the idea.. :)

h3. Pimp my service implementation details

* Only use free and open services and Open Source

h3. Implementation

* [Auto-Taxonomy Implementation]