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Q: I find the last statement of the manifest vague. What does it mean to "provide great service"? It is so vague that it doesn't have much value in a service manifest IMHO.


*The Service Responsibility*

* REQUIRED: Fulfill the Service Contract
* RECOMMENDED: Fulfill the expectations set to Customers by the Service Description (implicitly or explicitly)
* LEADING: *Surpass the Customers expectations*.

The service must handle anything that is thrown at him/her

*Service Descriptions*

* Services are described both explicitly and *implicitly*
* Services need to be aware of their implicit responsibility (*customer expectations*) and adapt
* Customers are *trained* through extensive marketing and branding
* *Great service descriptions* and their related contracts are often *adopted* by competitors:
** (IRL example: McDonalds & Burger King - What's the difference?)

Example: *Evolution of the CustomerService*

* Started out for one client on basic WS-I tech
* Added support for more dialects to attract more consumers (REST etc.)
* Got more clients and implemented a smart cache based on Lucene, supporting more load and more advanced queries
* Responded to client demand delivering sensitive information, but ONLY over a WS-Security enabled channel
* Added Geo-positioning (lat/long) information about customers proactively which created spontaneous applications in the organization

See [] for more details :)