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h3. !|width=100px! Application 2 Application Services


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{excerpt}Application 2 Application Services is services which orchestrates services from several applications, typically asynchronous and workflow-backed. I.e. a Auction type request against a set of suppliers or an booking/order/delivery process.{excerpt}{tip}

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An A2A service is a service which is responsible for collaboration between several human or automated actors.





h3. Characteristics

Two types:

*Process Services*
* Services orchestrated to produce real business value
* Workflow-oriented processes
* Orchestrated functionality from several services
* ACS/CS services as Business/Domain Objects
* External applications for sub-processes & tasks
* Long running processes
* Should not have any long-running transactions
* Could (should) have cache (state full)

*Application Integration Service Endpoints*
* Services which integrate and map against external application endpoints
* Should (internally) provide for SLA and contractual requirements (via cache, rebind, fail-over and such)
* Works as an external data anti-corruption layer for external application endpoints to reduce dependencies and facilitate evolve ability

h3. Patterns for Application 2 Application Services

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h3. Technology/Implementation strategy (Java)

*Technology, implementation and products*
* Pick your favorite JEE/ESB/SOA platform vendor
** Sun, IBM, Oracle
* Choose your favorite open source ESB/SOA platform
** OpenESB or another Open Source JBI container
** write a simple admin framework (upgrade tool support)

h3. Technology/Implementation strategy (.NET)

*Technology, implementation and products*
* BizTalk Server
* Enterprise Human Workflow products can do some tasks
** Enterprise Human Workflow with K2.NET / Skelta/ Captaris+\+
** Portal connectors useful


h3. Design rules


* [Policy Rules for A2A services|Design-Time Governance for A2A Services]

h3. Other technical details