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h3. Intro

This page is a collection of some of the key patterns which have proved useful in building Service Oriented Architectures.

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h3. Service types and technology

* [Human to Application Services|H2A]
* [Application to Application Services|A2A]
* [Aggregated Core Services|ACS]
* [Core Services|CS]

h3. Design rules

* [Design-Time Governance - SOA Design Rules]

h3. Pattern sandbox
[Self Monitoring Service Pattern]
[Recording Command Pattern]

h3. Architectural Patterns
[Categorized Services Pattern] is the main categorization stack for services.
[Secure SOA With Tokens Pattern] is about how to architect your SOA with security built-in

h3. Agile Services Patterns
[Evolving Service Endpoint Pattern]
[Smart Service Proxy Pattern]
[Service Assembly Pattern]

h3. Core Services Patterns
[Enterprise Domain Repository Pattern]

h3. Patterns for testing in a SOA context
[Recording Proxy Pattern]

h3. Misc Supporting Patterns
[Command|] creates objects which encapsulate actions and parameters.
[Specification|] separates the statement of what kind of objects can be selected from the object that does the selection.
[Provider Pattern]

h3. Pattern Index