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Macros allow you to perform programmatic functions within a page, and can be used for generating more complex content structures.

Notation Comment
Knowledge - This is the knowledge category.
Communication - This is the communication category.

The survey macro allows Confluence users to be surveyed on several categories. For each category, users are allowed to select only one of the given choices, and the results will not be visible to them until they have voted. Users that have not logged in will be prompted to do so before allowing them to cast a vote. This macro was created to support surveys of confluence users on several categories and will provide them with the chance to give a rating (1 to 5) for each category as well as a comment.

The body of this macro defines the categories that the users will be polled on. Each line of the body will be treated as a seperate category and should be written in the format "title - description". The title is always required but the dash and the description are optional.

Parameter Required Default Description
title false default no title If a Title is specified the Survey gets a Box around which makes it looking more compact and feeling the votes are belonging more together.
voters false all users This is a comma seperated list of usernames to who are allowed to cast a vote. Users not in this list will not be allowed to vote, but if they are viewers will be shown the results of the vote. If this parameter is not specified, all users with access to the page are considered voters.
viewers false all users This is a comma seperated list of usernames to who are allowed to see the survey results. Users not in this list will be allowed to vote but after doing so will simply be shown which item they voted for. If a user is in this list but is not a voter, they will be taken straight to the results. If this parameter is not specified, all users will be able to see the results.
changeableVotes false false This parameter, if set to true, will allow the users to change their responses after they have been cast.
choices false default 1-5 A comma separated List of choices. This will override the Default (1-5) List, but can still be overriden by a '-' separated list in each single line.
showComments false true Show comments-menu (the whole set: show, add, edit, delete)
locked false false Dont allow any further voting. Show a lock Symbol to indicate that. Image for Survey will only be displayed if you have the title-flag also. (It is still shown on the vote-elements)