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Whydah is a Identity Provider and Single Sign On enabler consisting of five main components with clearly defined responsibilities.


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// Execute a POST to authenticate my application
String appToken = Request.Post("https://sso.whydah.net/tokenservice/logon")
.bodyForm(Form.form().add("applicationcredential", myAppCredential).build())

// Find appTokenID from applicationToken
String appTokenID = $(appToken).xpath("/applicationtoken/params/applicationtokenID[1]");

// Execute a POST to SecurityTokenService with userticket to get usertoken
String usertoken = Request.Post("https://sso.whydah.net/tokenservice/user/"appTokenID"/get_usertoken_by_userticket/")
.bodyForm(Form.form().add("apptoken", appToken)
.add("userticket", userTicket).build())

// That's all you need to get a full user database, IAM/SSO, Facebook/OAUTH support ++
boolean hasEmployeeRoleInMyApp = $(usertoken).xpath("/usertoken/application[@ID="+myAppId+"]/role[@name=\"Employee\"");

(Example using Apache HTTP Components Fluent API and jOOX Fluent API)

Whydah IAM integration int three simple steps

Getting Started

Key benefits

  • Leverage IAM/SSO to reduse time&cost on custom solutions
  • SSO and IAM the agile way
  • Moderrn and flexible secure microservices architecture for high scalability and availability
  • Transition from one userdatabase per system to the integrated identity of the cloud)
  • Least expensive way to better user experiences
  • system threat-level support built-in (read: DEFCON)
  • Collaborative application authentication

Some important Whydah Key Features

  • User Authentication by 3rd party IdP's (LDAP, Facebook, NetIQ Access Manager, AD)
  • High scaleability (millions of requests/user sessions/users)
  • High Availability support. (2-100 cluster members)
  • Support various complex QoS configurations
  • User storage
  • UserAdministration GUI
  • Flexible role setup with users, applications, on behalf of or using agreement/contrect, roles, properties.
  • Provide SSO and IAM for any application.

Whydah modules

Whydah - because you should never have to develop another user database ever again

Architectural overview

Note, Defense in depth strategy.

If you want to learn more about Whydah, see documentation in this space or visit http://www.getwhydah.com

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